Jean D. O’Sullivan is a Democratic member of the Vermont House of Representatives. She is a member of the House Committee on General, Housing and Military Affairs and has served in Democratic Party leadership positions, city commissions, and the City Council. O’Sullivan is an Alumni of California State College-Los Angeles. Before being elected, she worked as a financial advisor and was a business owner.

“.. my understanding from my trip to Turkey has been that Islam is not just a religion. It is a culture. It is a full religion. It’s, it is practiced both in your behavior, the way you’re living your life, and in your worship. And the Gülen Movement brings all of that together in a modern context.”

” I think to a skeptic with interfaith dialog, I would have to say that lack of knowledge leads to conflict. Lack of understanding leads to conflict. Lack of understanding what the other person is saying to you and understanding the import of it, it leads to conflict and misunderstanding. The more you know of the other cultures, the better you understand, and the better you are able to deal in a way that everyone is speaking to each other clearly.”

” We’re a global society. And especially for the Gülen Movement, because it leads in education, because it leads in interfaith dialog, it’s an important voice, in this country particularly, so this country can fully understand and really embrace the Islamic culture and not what they may or may not think is true culture, based on their news reports.”

” The Gülen Movement, from my understanding, and their view of honesty, transparency, and accountability, can become a real problem for a government that is not honest, transparent, or accountable.”