Professor Robert Littman is a Professor of Classical Languages at the University of Hawaii. He teaches Greek and Roman Mythology, upper level Greek and Latin languages, Egyptian language, and Hebrew and also conducts research on Greek history, history of Greek and Egyptian medicine, and Greco-Roman Egypt biblical history. Prof. Littman is an archeologist and Egyptologist who is excavating in the Nile Delta in Egypt. He has authored many books on Greek history and Jewish history.

” The fact that the Movement is so diffuse, and lacks a hierarchical structure, means that it’s very difficult for any individual to corrupt the Movement, or take over the Movement.”

” One of the things that really impressed me about Hizmet is that, to me, it seems to be the one opportunity I’ve seen in the present state of Islam, to bring the religion and the culture back to where it was seven hundred years ago, six hundred years ago, when Islam was at the peak of education, it was at the peak of civilization.”

” It’s very easy to give charity to your own, to your own people. It’s quite another matter to give charity to people of a different religion, of a different culture. And Hizmet’s values are such that they’re ecumenical in their distribution of aid, in their participation of aid.”

“.. to my mind, you [Hizmet] offer a salvation to the, with your message of education and tolerance, salvation to the Muslim world, and also a message to the world, the non-Muslim world, of a solution that’s peaceful, and toleration, and democratic. And I have nothing but the greatest admiration for the Movement and just about everyone within the Movement whom I have met.”