Professor Monserrat Washburn is an adjunct assistant professor in Theology and Religious Studies at St. John’s University in New York. She teaches several courses, including Christian Marriage, Christian Perspectives, and Jesus in the Christian Faith. She received her Masters of Arts in Theology from St. John’s University and also holds a Master’s degree in Anatomy from the University of the Philippines. Prof. Washburn is a member, former secretary and the former editor of the Catholic-Jewish Relations Council of NE Queens.

” Every little bit that Hizmet does as a Movement, as a representative of the Turkish government, does not impair its standing in the world, but, in fact, enhances its image in the world, where you get so much more respect from other countries. And that would make Turkey, even, it would make it easier for Turkey to enter into relations with other countries, economically and socially and culturally. It will only enhance Turkey’s stature in the world, rather than diminish. So I don’t understand why the present administration is against the Hizmet Movement.”

” With interfaith dialog, I think it’s very, very important, even more important than Jews and Catholics, to involve, to be involved in interfaith dialog, because they, the Muslims are the ones that are most misunderstood. And so they have to be the one at the forefront of interfaith relations.”

” The one thing that I really admire of the Hizmet Movement is that it does not just target Turkey. Even when I was in Turkey, when we were learning about the Hizmet Movement, that it started out with, of course, helping locally, but it immediately branched out. So no matter where the calamity is, no matter where the crisis is, they are at the forefront.”