Professor Monserrat Washburn is an adjunct assistant professor in Theology and Religious Studies at St. John’s University in New York. She teaches several courses, including Christian Marriage, Christian Perspectives, and Jesus in the Christian Faith. She received her Masters of Arts in Theology from St. John’s University and also holds a Master’s degree in Anatomy from the University of the Philippines. Prof. Washburn is a member, former secretary and the former editor of the Catholic-Jewish Relations Council of NE Queens.

” I’m proud to say, and I’m very thankful that the Hizmet even has a school in the country where I was born, in the south of the Philippines. And I understand that Christians and Muslims together go to this school, and they thrive. And they learn to coexist. And these are young children. So I’m hoping that this kind of relationship, where you don’t think of any religious affiliation, or religious culture, or differences, that they will also influence the older members of the community.”

“…. the Hizmet Movement started out as a grassroots organization, and the founder, from whom the ideals and the ideas came from, is Mr. Fethullah Gülen. And his ideas of service, of education, of interfaith relations, of freedom, but especially education, I think, which brings about awareness for everyone, these were the ones that were incorporated into the Hizmet Movement. Your desire for harmony, for freedom, for equality, for peace, all of these translate to service. You have to do something to prove to the world that you are, indeed, serious about peacemaking. And so this gets translated into service.”

“…. anywhere there is a country in need, or people in need, or a nation in need, it seems to me that Hizmet, the Hizmet Movement, is among the first to even think of wanting to help these people. And that is commendable.”