Dr. Brian L. Desbiens is the current chair of the Education Quality and Accountability Office. He is the former president of Sir Sandford Fleming College, serving from 1988-2004, and has taught a variety of courses like developmental psychology, counselling theory and practice, and teaching methodology at various colleges and universities within Canada. Dr. Desbiens has also served on the Prime Minister’s National Advisory Board on Science and Technology. He has been awarded the prestigious Lifetime Distinguished Services Award by the Canadian Presidents Network.

“… Not only the philosophical foundation, but the scale of which they’re trying to intervene, to make a difference in the world, is really quite impressive.”

” He [Fethullah Gulen] has a philosophy that many people can be teachers, but not too many can be true educators. And so he really gets it. He really understands that education is not just about learning a concept. It’s about learning values, it’s about learning to be a person. It’s drawing out of children, you know, helping them become whole in this world …”

” Reaching across boundaries, in this world that we live in, is a dangerous thing. And the Hizmet Movement’s all about reaching out, and going across boundaries. Trying to work with people of different beliefs and bringing ourselves together. And so I understand that that’s difficult, and it’s difficult to accept for some, too. But that’s all the more reason why we have to reach out. We have to continue to reach out, and I guess I’d want to, the message I’d want to send to the people in the Hizmet Movement is, continue. Continue in your beliefs, continue in your faith, continue in your activities, because you’re a force for good. …”