Dr. Louis C. Girard is a family physician working at the Medical Clinic for Person-Centered Psychotherapy. He received his degree in medicine and completed his post doctoral studies and residency in Family Medicine at the Université de Montréal. Dr. Girard has been a facilitator for a program of Mac Master University’s Foundation for Medical Practice Education since 1996. He is also a member of the Focolare Movement, an international movement dedicated to peace and unity, and is actively involved in interreligious dialogue.

“I was very surprised, and also my friends of the Focolare, we were very surprised when we first met Hizmet, to find how many connections we have, how many similarities. And if I tried to talk about some, maybe the most important one, significant one, is that we both work for interfaith dialog in somewhat similar ways…”

“If we look at what aspect, or how Hizmet present Islam to the world, Hizmet present an Islam that is moderate. An Islam that is faithful to the tradition, but also open to, I would say modernity, in the sense of development, evolution of the society , again, open to interfaith dialog. ”

” I think that the difference that the Hizmet school may be bringing to this country is possibly that the values that are also thought in the schools, in addition to the curriculum that is proposed by the country, is probably making a difference in the quality of the students who come out of those schools. In maybe the way they live their life with more integrity, for example.”