Dr. Alok Mukherjee is the Chair of the Toronto Police Services Board and the President of the Canadian Association of Police Boards. A human rights and equity advocate who is well-known across Canada and the world, he has previously served as the Vice Chair of the Ontario Human Rights Commission. Dr. Mukherjee has also taught courses on South Asian and Indian cultures and languages at York University, Toronto.

” I was absolutely, pleasantly surprised, when in Turkey, to be told, you know, “You’re going to meet this person. Feel free to ask any questions, including any doubts that you may have about the Hizmet Movement, or Gülen.” That willingness to engage and to respond is so critical. Because if people begin to have true understanding of each other, as opposed to understanding based upon stereotypes, or bias, or prejudice, or ignorance, then I think we can hope to have world peace, much more than is the reality right now.”

“… that combination of good education in good environment, with a focus on citizenship, on qualities of citizenship is what makes the approach to education by the Hizmet Movement so very interesting.”

“…. when we combine dialog, on the one hand, to build understanding, with on the ground service–reduction of poverty, elimination of poverty, imparting good-quality education–and do it globally, there are many, many advantages in terms of building a better world, in terms of breaking down the barriers of suspicion and hostility among peoples in the world, and in then bringing harmony in the world, while at the same time, building good followers of the Islam, within the Islamic community.”