Dr. Hamid Slimi is the imam and founder of the Sayeda Khadija Center in Canada. He is the founder and president of Faith of Life Network and the former chairman of the Canadian Council of Imams. He has been serving as an imam, chaplain, educator and consultant in Canada for over 17 years in different religious and educational institutions. In 2009, Dr. Slimi was featured by Georgetown University as one of the 500 Most influential Muslims in the World. Dr. Slimi’s academic specialty is in Islamic studies and law, as well as Comparative World Religions.

” Interfaith dialog, that the Hizmet Movement is doing, is actually true following of the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (saw, pbuh). The Qur’an as a book, as a revelation itself, encourages the Muslims to educate and do outreach.”

“… the people have to understand that interfaith work is the work of Prophet Muhammad (saw, pbuh). He invited the Jews, the Christians, you know, and, of course, the people that had no faith, or the polytheists, and he interacted with them, and showed them respect, and offered food to them, and drink, and welcomed them, and stood and asked them to sit. So he did all of this, showing the beauty of Islam, the openness.”

” Islam did not start with a mosque. It started with a school. And it did not tell us, “pray.” First it told us al-Wahy, revelation, “Iqra.” (Read.)”

“…. Hizmet Movement understands that building a human being is the most difficult. You can build bridges. You can build, you know, skyscrapers. You can build, you know, dams. You can build many things. But it is not as difficult as building a human being, who knows what he or she needs to do in this life. How to set up goals, and how to make himself or herself of service to others, how to be a good human being.”