Dr. Hamid Slimi is the imam and founder of the Sayeda Khadija Center in Canada. He is the founder and president of Faith of Life Network and the former chairman of the Canadian Council of Imams. He has been serving as an imam, chaplain, educator and consultant in Canada for over 17 years in different religious and educational institutions. In 2009, Dr. Slimi was featured by Georgetown University as one of the 500 Most influential Muslims in the World. Dr. Slimi’s academic specialty is in Islamic studies and law, as well as Comparative World Religions.

” The Hizmet Movement is special, and it distinguishes itself from other movements because it does what is needed the most today. It focuses on education. That’s why their schools are the best schools…”

“I have not seen a group that is so dedicated to invest in and working with interfaith and other groups, and interfaith dialog, and outreach, more than the Hizmet Movement.”

“…. we can see that the Hizmet Movement indeed does full service. Educating the mind, feeding the poor, at the same time outreaching and building bridges. Because through interfaith, we can establish peace, we can establish dialog, we can establish respect among people from different faiths.”

” What I have noticed specifically in the last five years, there is a growth, not only in terms of projects, but also in terms of volunteers and people who are joining this movement, not only from the Turkish community, from other communities, including Canadians. I also heard from non-Muslims that they are involved, for instance, with IDI; Interfaith Dialog Institute. It tells you that there is a growth, not only because this is what the Movement has decided, but the need and the vacuum, and the absence of a movement that focuses on outreach and education, and identifies itself as a universal movement.. in the absence of that, this movement will grow, and is growing, and is not focusing on political differences, or spreading rumors, or spreading hate, but rather, spreading love.”