Michael Swan is the Associate Editor of the Catholic Register, which is the leading Catholic newspaper in Canada. He is also an award-winning photographer. Having received his B.A. in English Language and Literature from the University of Toronto and Master of Arts from New York University, Mr. Swan has the experience of having worked as an English language professor for a university in China.

” He’s [Fethullah Gulen] using the past in order to go forward into the world. Into the future. And that’s important. That’s important. It’s a challenge not just in the Muslim world, it’s a challenge in every part of the world.”

“The attempt to create a positive face for globalization is, I think, the unique contribution of Hizmet.”

” Interfaith dialog, as Hizmet has demonstrated in its Iftar dinners begins with a real social relationship. People have to actually know each other. They have to actually care about each other. And that’s the starting point. …”

“… if Hizmet wasn’t running its social programs, you know, UN organizations and hundreds and thousands of other NGOs would also be there, you know. But every effort, every contribution is another opportunity to say, “we’re all in this together.” And in the sense that it gives a different picture of what Islam is, what Muslims are, that’s important. In the sense that it breaks up the isolation on both sides, it’s important. And in the sense that it’s real, practical help to people who really are suffering, it’s important.”