Dr. Chander Khanna is the Vice President of the Hindu Institute of Learning and is a scholar on Hinduism. He serves on the Spiritual Committee of the Associations of Himalayan Yoga Meditation Societies. A contributing editor of the Interfaith Unity News, Dr. Khanna is also a founding member of the Toronto Local Societies Initiative.

” Fethullah Gülen is, in one short sentence, is considered by those of us from outside looking in, is a formidable ambassador/interpreter of the most sublime, most authentic underpinnings of not just Islamic traditions, spiritual traditions.”

“… the view taken by someone like Fethullah Gülen, and people that he speaks of, that he emulates, sages, is a perfect square in which there are triangles. And each triangle has its own internal logic, consistency, rituals, modes of conduct, and rules, regulations proscribed, but each triangle points to one center. And each triangle is within the square. It follows the properties of the triangle, but also that square. So no one triangle is better than the other, but what sets the Hizmet Movement apart from many others is that it encourages those within the triangle of the Hizmet Movement, or in this case Islam, Turkish Islam, to move out of the triangle and visit all the other triangles, and have other people, other triangles, come and visit.”

“[Dialogue] Absolutely essential, and my immediate reaction is a sense of gratitude. For the best of us, and particularly the Hizmet Movement for having overcome, continue to overcome those inevitable, inevitable, not only questionings, but inevitable criticism, if you wish. That’s part of our, part of the cross we have to bear. For every hundred new admirers of any initiative, there’ll be at least ten percent who cannot stand the attention being given. So that is to be expected. Understood. It’s always been there. … But to persevere, despite those criticisms, which are inevitable forces of life, not only persevere, but to flourish, for which all people like me can express their gratitude.”