Canadian politician Adam Giambrone served as a Toronto City Councilor. He is a former president of the Canada New Democratic Pary and was the recipient of Now Magazine’s “Best City Politician” award. Mr. Giambrone graduate from McGill University with a bachelor’s degree in archaeology and speaks English, French and Arabic fluently.

” The Hizmet Movement for me is the movement that has promoted interfaith dialog. It’s promoted cultural understanding between groups. … I think what they have done is opened up a culture, religion, and a country, specifically Turkey, to a lot of people. I think there’s a lot of value to that.”

” Mr. Gülen is a gentleman who I have a lot of respect for. And I think from what I’ve read and what I’ve heard when he’s spoken and his writings, he’s a man with a lot of integrity. He is, his life embodies the values that he has promoted, which I think are very important.”

” I also think that here in North America there are, there is traditionally less of an understanding of the Islamic culture, the Muslim contributions to the world culture, and I think the way the Hizmet Movement has been able to present Islam, it’s hard to do it uniformly ’cause it’s such a diverse religion with so many different parts, and obviously different manifestations of it in terms of different cultures and countries. But I think the Hizmet Movement here in a North American context does a very good job of welcoming people in, non-Muslims, and encouraging their understanding and appreciation of one of the world’s fundamental and very important religions.”

“… what the Hizmet Movement has done is it’s allowed, it’s made it easy for people, who want to have an understanding, who want to be part of different cultures… But it’s made it easy for them, and as a result, I think you have a lot more people who are willing to do that, and willing to participate in, and I think that’s fantastic, and I’ve seen this, when I’ve participated in events, or talked to people who have participated in events for the first time associated with the Hizmet Movement. You know, they’re, at the beginning you don’t know what, they don’t know what’s going to get in, but when you talk to them after, people are very, you know, very positive. In fact I’ve never talked to anybody who’s had a negative experience, and I think that speaks volumes to the contribution and to how it’s presented.”