An innovation consultant, Andrew Harrison is the founder and owner of Bonfire Consulting, an organization that focuses on workplace innovation. He is the Innovation Ambassador at Idea Connection Systems, a management consulting firm. Mr. Harrison designs and delivers keynote presentations and leads workshops on the human principles that create a culture of innovation. He is the author of “Love Your 84,000 Hours at Work” and “The Invisible Element: A Practical Guide for the Human Dynamics of Innovation”.

” When I’ve been around people from the Hizmet Movement, they love what they’re doing. They’re passionate, they’re excited about it. …. And when people are excited to be part of something, you then want to become part of it, and you’re intrigued by it. And you want to get to meet them. And so the passion that I’ve seen of the people from the Hizmet Movement, it’s great. And when people have passion, that fuels passion in yourself.”

” … from what I have experienced and felt, the Hizmet Movement is a very positive aspect of Islam, because it’s about unity, it’s about people coming together. It’s about education. And the media in the States can portray the exact opposite of Islam. And there are people who have done things that actually do that. There’s things that have happened in the world that cause people to think negatively about Islam. But not everybody is like that. Not every Muslim is like that. And the Hizmet Movement, to me, shows Islam in a positive light.”

” I think the interfaith dialog is very important, and that aspect of the Hizmet Movement is very important to me. Because the way that we solve social problems is through togetherness. We need to collaborate.”

“So in terms of education, you can get education in books. You can get education at school. But there’s also education out in the world. And so the Hizmet Movement, I think, tries to encompass all of that. Part of it is the education in the classroom. But the other part is, and I don’t want to say in the streets, but it’s outside of the classroom. Education with people. And education in business, and in volunteering, and in service. That is true education.”