” … Hizmet, I think, has done really commendable work because they take that principle of bringing people together, and they make it concrete through the various programs and the way Hizmet invests its time and its resources for that very important purpose.”

” Mr. Fethullah Gülen is certainly an extraordinary individual. It was last year that one of our periodicals that’s well known throughout the country, called Time magazine, identified him as one of the most one hundred influential people within the entire world. It was our former president, Bill Clinton, who on one occasion publicly thanked Hizmet and thanked Fethullah Gülen for the great work that he’s doing.”

” He [Fethullah Gulen] is someone who works with his mind, but having said that, just from what I have read of his many works, he brings it from his mind into his heart.”

“…. Muslims coming together as people who want peace, people who are very serious about their spirituality, very serious about their relationship with God, very serious about prayer, very serious about really living a good Muslim life. I see this here in this country, and the Movement, at its very best, in a way that’s inviting to others. And I would suggest that this is very important to me, because when I see people who might be negative towards Islam because of the experience of Islamic extremism, it’s certainly so important that we have those who represent Islam at its very best as it was meant to be, and I think the Movement does precisely that.

And for that reason, at least here in the United States, I think that what you are doing is extremely important, because what it’s doing here in this country is giving a kind, loving, and compassionate face to Islam.”