Dr. Muzammil H. Siddiqi has been serving as the Director of the Islamic Society of Orange County, California since 1981. He is the chairman of the Fiqh Council of North America and is a founding member of the Council of Mosques in the US and Canada. He also serves as the President of the Academy of Judaic-Christian and Islamic Studies at the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA). Dr. Siddiqi holds an M.A. in Theology from Birmingham University and a Ph.D. in Comparative Religion from Harvard University. In August 2006, Dr. Siddiqi was recognized by LA Times as one of the top 100 most powerful people in Southern California.

“Muslims must have dialog with people of other faith as well as people of other ideologies, philosophies and cultures. So dialog is very important. Muslims have always been in dialog. Islam is the religion of dialog. Qur’an is the book of dialog. … .. it is important that we understand others, and it is important that others understand us. And that’s the purpose of dialog. Dialog is not to convert people. This is not really our job as Muslims, our job is to convey. …”

” Allah says that, asks the question that, “The people who know, are they equal to those who do not know?” And then Allah says, “Innama yakh sha Allah min ibadihi al ulama …” “The people who fear Allah most are those who are ulama, who are knowledgeable people.” So knowledge is… Quran has emphasized a lot of the time, learning and seeking knowledge, ‘ilm and ‘akl, all of these things are great emphasis in Islam. So I’m glad that Hizmet Movement has taken one of its top priorities to pay attention to education.”

” This relief work is one of the very, very important works in modern times because we have largest number of people who are refugees, who are Muslims, and the people who are suffering because of calamities, and people who are suffering because of man-made disasters, wars and violence and all of these things that happening. …. So to help these refugees, governments are doing the work, but governments alone cannot do it. So it is important there should be movements and organizations that provide help.”

” Islam is a religion for humanity. We have to care for people, everybody. The Prophet (pbuh) said, “take care of your neighbors.” Didn’t say the “Muslim neighbors”. That is the “wallahi la yu’min (three times) the Prophet (pbuh) said that, “by God, he’s not a believer, by God, he’s not a believer, by God, he’s not a believer.” And they said, “Who is that o Messenger of Allah?” “The one whose neighbors are not safe from his difficulties and problems, the one who does not care for his neighbors.” “