Dr. Trudy D. Conway is a professor of Philosophy at Mount St. Mary’s University in Maryland. She teaches courses on intercultural dialog and the situation of women in the Middle East. She has co-authored the book Where Justice and Mercy Meet: Catholic Opposition to the Death Penalty . Dr. Conway holds an M.A. and Ph.D. from Fordham University and is actively involved in work to abolish the the death penalty.

” The only exposure I have to Fethullah Gülen is through his writings, and through the people who were influenced, and their lives have borne the imprint of his influence. And what mainly struck me, in all of his writings, was that they were not ideologically driven. That it was this continuous returning to character development.”

“…. to have exposure to people that further their hope for the possibility of living lives that are grounded in sincerity and integrity, and the hope that you can live a life that is consistent with the values that you espouse and the beliefs that you have, and you have the courage, and the perseverance, and the conviction to live that, I find that is really what youth need. And I think in many ways that’s what most probably draws people to the Movement.”

” I think it’s fundamentally a philanthropic service movement. I mean, it’s grounded in a love of humanity, and marshaling your resources and your capabilities to furthering the well-being of humanity.”

” A colleague in my department was planning on going on the trip, and he came to me and he said his wife was very concerned, with him being the father of five children, whether it was very risky for him to travel into a predominantly Islamic country. And I said, “go on the trip, and then you will understand the shame you feel now in having thought that way.” So I think, you can teach things in courses. You can have faculty seminars, you can have symposia, but it is actually through the direct experience of people where you transform hearts and minds. And I have seen tremendous transformation in some of my colleagues.”