Sandra L. Frankel served as the Supervisor of the Town of Brighton, Monroe County, NY for 20 years. She was the first Democrat and first woman elected to the position of Brighton Town Supervisor in the town’s 177-year history. Previously, she served as the president of Monroe County School Boards Association and worked as a Speech Language Pathologist for more than 20 years. She holds a Master of Arts from Northwestern University.

” The Hizmet Movement, I believe, is one that is built on values that we share across many faith traditions and different political perspectives because it brings people together. It’s based on respect, advocates the importance of love and understanding… and that all leads to peace. So, it really has value.”

“…. the teachings of Islam that are based on peace and understanding and respect are ones that I believe are going to promote a better future for us, wherever we live on this planet.”

” I was honored to be asked to serve as an adviser to the Turkish Cultural Center, and I’ve continued my involvement with them because I believe that the work that they’re doing is good work.”

” When my husband and I were invited to travel to Turkey, in all honesty, a trip to Turkey was not one of our highest priorities for travel, but we decided to go, we were interested. And I will tell you that I was so surprised at what I learned, what I saw, the people I met… it opened my eyes and I was able to have a very different kind of reaction to Turkey than I had had before.”