Dr. Joseph Stoutzenberger is a professor of Religious Studies at Holy Family University in Philadelphia. He has taught courses on World Religions, Basics of the Catholic Faith, and Christian Morality. He formerly served young people as a college campus minister, a high school religion teacher and also as a social worker. He has authored the book entitled, “The Human Quest for God: An Overview of World Religions” and has also authored religious textbooks which are being used in US and Canadian Catholic high schools.

“…. my impressions from that first encounter told me a lot about it [the Hizmet Movement]. And there were three things that jumped out, jumped out at me when I first went there, and the first thing was hospitality. …Second thing that struck me was that there were all these young people there. ….The third thing was that that evening, there was an art exhibit and an art demonstration. …. I thought, you know, there’s something about beauty that translates well across cultures. We can argue about what people believe and what people say, but to demonstrate beauty is a great gift that one culture can give to another. … ”

” … I see a sense of spirituality in the writings of Fethullah Gülen, I see a sense of spirituality with the Movement that I think is very important. That, if you don’t have a firm spiritual basis to what you do, things get lost. And things don’t hold on, and that, I think, is something that makes the entire Movement something that is just great for the entire world.     ”

“… it’s so good that there is a voice coming out of Turkey, and coming out of Islam, that’s advocating peace and justice.”