” The only way I know Gülen is through his works. But I was really struck by his emphasis on pluralism.”

” I do think that there’s a lot of misunderstanding about Islam and Hizmet. And unfortunately, some of the news we get out of Turkey today, where you hear the Turkish government attacking Hizmet and Gülen also projects this view that Hizmet is somehow wrapped up in conflict, which is not at all what it’s about. …. When you read Gülen’s work, it’s all about peace, understanding, knowledge, progress. There’s very little in it about conflict, except how to get past conflict, and get over it. So if people understood that better, they would have a different view.”

” One of the wonderful things about the Hizmet Movement is that it’s a global movement, and it’s a civil society movement, which means people contribute to it entirely voluntarily. …. It is a movement that draws on the energy of people who share its ideals, share its beliefs.”

” Hizmet is not an organization that beats its drum and goes out and tries to attract followers. It attracts followers only by doing good, and letting people be drawn to that act of doing good.”

“… when you say, “what does Hizmet do for Turkey?” In a sense, I think what Hizmet does for Turkey is it shows that Turkey is not only interested in Turkey. Hizmet shows that Turks, like French, German, Chinese, Japanese, have global interests, and they want to be part of a global world, in which everyone has a chance to move ahead. So to the extent that I reach Hizmet, and Hizmet reaches other people, I think it gives a very positive view of Turkey, Turkey’s role in the world, and the cultural heritage that Turkey brings to the global table.”