A professor of Public Policy at George Mason University, Prof. Jack A. Goldstone does research on the conditions for building democracy and stability in developing nations and the impact of population change on the global ecomony and international security. He has authored or edited 13 books and over 140 research articles. Prof. Goldstone was awarded the American Sociological Assocation Distinguished Scholarly Publication award for his book entitled, “Revolution and Rebellion in the Early Modern World”. He is a former faculty member at Northwestern University and the University of California.

” What strikes me about Gülen himself is a combination of sincerity and belief in progress. In philosophy, there is often a tendency to kind of fall in love with the past, and to idealize everything that has been done by the great minds before us. I’ve fallen into that myself. But what I like about Gülen is he’s looking forward.”

“….. I think the interfaith dialog, and the type of work that Hizmet does in promoting that dialog, is the only way for us to get past these worst parts of our nature and our history, and move toward the best.”

” I think it’s very impressive about Gülen and Hizmet that they really put their energy where their beliefs are. They don’t just talk about the need for interfaith dialog and understanding, they say, “we have to build the quality of understanding and knowledge in the world that will help us advance our goal.” ”

” It is, in my view, all the great religions, at their best, make human beings better human beings. And to the extent that the Hizmet education is designed to make people better human beings, it is a great treasure. And, I think, part of the best side of the Islamic tradition.”