Wendi L. See is the president of a real estate title abstracting firm. An expert in heirs’ property litigation, boundary disputes and chain of title issues, she is a Juris Doctor candidate and masters student in International Politics and Homeland Security at Regent University. She holds a BS degree in Middle Eastern Studies from American Public University. See is one of the founders of the South Carolina Dialogue Foundation and is also a member of the Middle Eastern Studies Association.

“… he’s [Fethullah Gulen] also very close to God. You can tell when he writes that he writes from a place in his heart, where he’s close to God, and cares what God thinks of what he’s writing. Maybe not so much what other people think of him, in the world at large, but he certainly cares what God thinks of him.”

” nothing in Gülen’s writings, or in anything that he says or does, contradicts anything that I believe, in my Christian faith. And so it’s very easy for me to be a part of the Hizmet Movement. It’s very easy for me to join along with my Muslim brothers and sisters, and do some of these things. It is imperative that we who believe in love and respect join together, because this really is the only way to make the world a better place. Everything else has been tried, and it’s not working, and so we need to join together.”

” Certainly, the Hizmet Movement has done more for Turkey than probably any advertisement could ever have done for Turkey. Bringing people from various countries to visit Turkey, to see the hospitality, to see the historical aspects, to see the Hizmet Movement in action.”