Wendi L. See is the president of a real estate title abstracting firm. An expert in heirs’ property litigation, boundary disputes and chain of title issues, she is a Juris Doctor candidate and masters student in International Politics and Homeland Security at Regent University. She holds a BS degree in Middle Eastern Studies from American Public University. See is one of the founders of the South Carolina Dialogue Foundation and is also a member of the Middle Eastern Studies Association.

” For me, Hizmet is about action. It is taking the things that Fethullah Gülen says about love, democracy, the values that pretty much are universal, ……. and taking those values and putting them into action, that’s the Hizmet Movement.”

“I believe that Gülen’s contribution to the common good, along with the Hizmet Movement, is that he has taken this idea of Islamic worship, and he’s made it compatible with democracy.”

“The Hizmet Movement specifically is about values. It’s about love. It’s not so much about tolerance, in that tolerance means that if I sit with you, I agree with you. You don’t have to agree, but you have to treat people with respect. And I think that’s something that’s missing in the dialog with Islam, at the moment. And the Hizmet Movement is contributing to this idea, that even if we don’t agree, we have to respect each other. And I have love in my heart for you, because you’re a human being, …….. I think that’s where the Hizmet Movement is clearly making an impact for Islam.”

“Hocaefendi believes that education is the only way to get rid of the problems in the world. Ignorance, strife, conflicts, people who are in poverty, education is the answer to that. …. having knowledge, just seeking knowledge, and doing it together with people who are not your typical group of people that you would associate with makes a difference, and the Hizmet Movement is doing that.”