During his active working life, Prof. Allen Page served as the Vice President for Academic Affairs at Meredith College. Prior to that, he served as the Head of the Department of Religion and Philosophy, again, at Meredith College. He has taught a wide array of courses on religion including The New Testament, Church History, American Christianity and World Religion. Prof. Page holds a Master of Divinity degree from Union Theological Seminary in New York and a doctoral degree from Duke University. He is currently retired.

“I think Hizmet represents Islam in a very positive way. I think particularly since 9/11, American culture struggled with understanding that whole Islamic tradition, and the terrorists have sometimes been regarded as being the norm, when it’s not, and I think the whole Hizmet Movement has helped us to see another dimension of Islamic movement, that is more peaceful.”

” I think the Hizmet Movement has been effective in attracting people to support it, such as myself, because it really goes back to the common good element. We see a common task, regardless of our religious perspective, and being able to start with that, to build on that, create networks, is all a part of the process.”

” The Gülen Movement has come a long way, and people see the overall causes, the things for which the Gülen Movement stands. But I think it is also a reality that Gülen provided a sense of inspiration, along with a vision. He may be drawing on a broad cultural background, and a broad universal and human dimension, but at the same time that he is drawing on that broad background, he personally has provided some inspiration that he’s very modest about claiming.”

“It is very difficult for Gülen to defend himself against the charges that are made against him. It makes it more imperative on all of us who have supported the cause that we be more vocal in our speaking out in support of what he’s doing. Because he’s made such a dramatic contribution.”