Prof. Leo D. Lefebure is a professor of theology at Georgetown University. He holds a Ph.D. in Christian theology from Divinity School, University of Chicago. He taught at Georgetown University, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Mumbai St. Pius College, Ukrainian Catholic University, and Fordham University. He authored six books on Christian Theology. He actively participates in interfaith dialog initiatives.

“I’ve had very good relations with followers of Mr. Gülen on a number of different continents, and respect their work very much. I visited a number of their schools, and have been very impressed by how they try to bring a high-quality education to students who often otherwise would not be able to afford such an education. And I know how transformative this can be.”

“I think the Hizmet Movement represents Islam very effectively in dialog with the modern world, with modern forms of education on all their levels, and in promoting interreligious respect and tolerance. So I esteem the teachings of Mr. Gülen and the Hizmet Movement very much.”

“From the writings I have seen of Mr. Gülen, I respect very highly his interpretation of Islam and his commitment to humanitarian ideals, to just governance, to honest accountability, and so I take him at his word when he supports democracy.”