Dr. Matthew D. Lammi is an Assistant Professor at the Department of STEM Education at North Carolina State University. He teaches courses on Engineering Design, Electronics Technology, and Implementing and Developing Technology Education. He received his Ph.D. in Engineering &Technology Education from Utah State University. Dr. Lammi also has an 8-year experience of working as an engineer for several different companies.

“My basic understanding of Hizmet, through the readings, through what I’ve experienced and read, looking at newspapers. It’s a value about trading and understanding through dialog.”

“What has been the most significant contributions of Gülen and Hizmet to the world? I think getting people speaking to each other. To understand. Getting to move beyond the rhetoric. Move beyond what I, or what somebody may believe, and look deeper.”

“Interfaith dialog, and what Hizmet does for it, I think this is where Hizmet shines. Because I feel respected in my views. If I didn’t feel respected, I don’t think I would be here. …”

“… my perception of Gülen, or Hizmet’s, philosophy of education is that it’s paramount. That’s what helps us to understand and break the ignorances that we hold.”