Jose A. Valdes is a detective at City of Philadelphia Police Department since 1991. His expertise area is hate crimes; he profiles and investigates hate crimes from high school students to large organized groups. He developed and implemented many of the PD anti-violence and bias crime awareness community outreach initiatives. He provides anti-violence, hate, gang and bullying presentations to schools, universities, and community groups. He is a graduate of University of Puerto Rico.

“Everything that I have learned, whether it was reading, the experiences of other people, it’s everything positive. It just amazes me how others have not heard as much as they should, from the Movement itself, from Mr. Fethullah Gülen. For me, a way of thinking, he’s a philosopher, I want to say, his way of thinking encompasses everything. It’s not just concentrated on one area, and it just covers the needs of everybody.”

“When you have, especially charitable contributions, charitable, I don’t think it has a country. I don’t think it has ethnicity. I don’t think it has religion. We all suffer. When there’s an earthquake in a country, when there’s a tsunami in a different country from yours, being charitable to all these people, regardless of where they come from, that’s where it counts.”

“In Turkey, I got to talk to many of the students, and of course, again, the important thing, they made me feel at home. We took many pictures. We dialogued the brief time that we had, and the excitement that they have, the contribution that they feel that they’re doing to their community, to their country, they were proud to represent their schools in many competitions. I seen all the awards, and that, for me, is the most important thing, because without education, and I know that Mr. Gülen emphasized a whole lot, and he won me with that. That in itself brought me in, that education level, which is something that our youth today are lacking. And it’s not just going into a building and opening up a book and, it’s learning. And what you learn, to apply it to humanity.”