Rev. JoAnn Barrett is a senior officiant and founder of Gathering of Light Interspiritual Fellowship, Melville, VA. She is the chairperson of the Council of Interfaith Communities USA. She is also the co-Chair of Interfaith Anti-Bias and Hate Crimes Task Forces. She is a member of the Huntington Clergy Association. She has been Pastoral Care Associate for several hospitals.

“The Hizmet Movement has really been an inspiration to me, in the way that they’ve been able to reach out to the community, to inspire dialog and communication, but also to be a hand of help, all around the community. I’ve been very inspired by it.”

“I think that we’re not getting enough information out in the media about who really the Islamic people are, and, you know, what it truly means to be a Muslim. The Hizmet Movement brings you right into people’s homes, and you sit down, and you have the conversation, and you see the struggles, and the joys, and the everyday-ness of just human life. And everybody, again, wanting those basic, faith-based, spiritual principles.”

“Mr. Gulen’s overall vision is, I think, the vision that Prophet Mohamed wanted, peace be upon him, originally. This idea of all of us coming together as people of faith, because it’s very faith-based, but a faith of that, do the right thing. What all the faith traditions are trying to teach. And I think that’s what he really wants, is to live what all of our faith traditions really tell us. To be a real good person.”