Thomas Petriano is a professor and the chair of religious studies at St. Joseph’s College, New York. He teaches comparative religions and courses in Christian Studies. He holds a Ph.D. in theology from Fordham University. He is the co-author of “Tribute to the Prophet Muhammad: Celebrating the Blessed Birth.” Petriano is deeply interested in and committed to inter-religious dialogue and promoting the common points for people of all faiths.

“They, the Movement, understands that education is the key to change in the world. And that education is the key to peace. And not just religious education, and as I understand the Hizmet Movement, it promotes the education in the broadest sense. That education will make people’s lives better. Education will help people overcome ignorance and stereotypes and misunderstanding. Education is the key to social change and social improvement, and I believe that that is at the heart of the reason why education is so important in the Movement.”

“I have found that in all the people that I have met through the Movement, individuals, men and women who have, who represent a very positive image of Islam, as a religion of openness, of peace, of love, of understanding, all those values I have met in the individual members of the Movement. They have always been gracious, hospitable.”

“Miracles can occur through dialog. Breakthroughs occur when people can converse with each other, and in the conversation, realize that they have more in common as human beings than what divides them.”