Bill Peduto is the mayor of the City of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He Worked for 19 years on Pittsburgh City Council. He wrote the most comprehensive package of government reform legislation in Pittsburgh’s history. He has been directly involved in redevelopment of the city’s East End. He championed the protection and enhancement of Pittsburgh’s new reputation as a leader in green initiatives.

“The way I view the Hizmet Movement is it is one that is based on understanding. Much more than just tolerance, of being able to accept that there is difference, but actually reaches out to look for those things that make us more alike than we are different. It has a basis and an understanding that that starts young. And it starts with education.”

“Change doesn’t happen at the top. It never has. The greatest movements that have happened, in having society and culture progress, have always started at the bottom. And it’s planting those seeds, and then watching them grow, and then just giving the people an opportunity, that have an open heart, and an open mind, to start to see how we can work together, that’s where the big things happen. That’s where the Hizmet Movement is.”

“I think Mr. Gülen has had the opportunity to understand how we are alike. And it’s sometimes a difficult argument to make. When things are difficult or times are tough, we always look for somebody else to blame about why we’re in this situation. We do that as people, we do that as cities, we do that as countries. What Mr. Gülen has decided to do is try to find ways to channel that, to be able to build a communication between people, between cities, between countries, in order to be able to find new ways to solve old problems.”