TL Hill is an associate professor of strategic management at Temple University Fox School of Business. He is the co-founder & assistant director at Innovation & Entrepreneurship Institute, Temple University Fox School of Business. He is the former managing director for New Society Publishers. He earned a PhD and an MBA from Temple University’s Fox School of Business. He is the former Associate Director, Community Economic Development Coordinator, University Community Collaborative of Philadelphia.

“There are many social movements that are sort of spiritual and even service-oriented, but not particularly action-oriented in the larger sense of, you know, building an organization, trying to actually make real change in society or in something like education or in health care or whatever. And so to get both together, I think that’s what’s unusual and sort of exciting, is very strong faith commitment, but also very strong commitment to doing something, to action.”

“I think it is unusual in the amount of commitment to nonviolence and the amount of commitment to action and to community. But that is not, that’s pretty core to the central beliefs as I understand them. And so the sort of, the other side, the more violent, more radical side is maybe a little bit more unusual, even though it gets more of the press. So it’s nice to see, you know, the positive vision get some press.”