Chas W. Freeman, Jr. is an American diplomat, businessman, and writer. He is the former U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia. Freeman served as co-chair of the United States China Policy Foundation and president of the Middle East Policy Council. He also served as the assistant secretary of defense for international security affairs from 1993-94. Currently, he is the chairman of the Board of Projects International, Inc.

“As I gather, these schools, although they are secular in orientation, do put quite an emphasis on social values and ethical behavior. So that’s very important.”

“I think, in a sense, the Hizmet Movement and the teachings that it embodies are an antidote to some of the most objectionable, worst features of the modern religious scene.”

“Well, I think there’s no question that Hizmet adds to the reputation of Islam among non-believers. I’m not Muslim, but I find much to admire in Mr. Gülen’s teachings, and it helps me, as a non-Muslim, to have an affection for Islam. It attracts me, it doesn’t repel me.”

“I think Hizmet is really unique. It is rooted in religion, but secular in much of its expression. It became, in a sense, a symbol of all of the good things that were happening in Turkey. Turkish society and politics began to be seen internationally as a model.”