Nancy Todd is the Colorado State Senator for District 28. Todd was elected in 2012 for the first time after serving eight years in the Colorado House of Representatives. She is named as the 2006 legislator of the year for the Colorado University Health Sciences Center. She is a graduate of the 2006 Western Leadership Academy for the council of state government. She is a former professional educator for 25 years in the Cherry Creek School District.

“I would say that the Hizmet Movement is one that is based on love, on harmony, on tolerance, on communication, compassion, understanding, important to have a acceptance of one another to recognize and respect the human soul and the human, the differences in our humanity.”

“If you continue to do the same things in the same way that you always have you get the same results. So trying to come up with new and different approaches, I think the Hizmet Movement has really focused on educating the total child.”

“Hizmet movement definitely is contributing to world peace. I think that the importance that is placed on interfaith dialogue and bringing people together is extremely important and I think that the interfaith dialogue that I have been involved with even before I went to Turkey of bringing people together has been a very valuable part of peace making as well as making our world better.”