Rev. Paul J. Kottke is a senior pastor at University Park United Methodist Church. Kottke is a 1981 graduate of Iliff School of Theology. He is the founding director of Denver Urban Ministries (1981).He was ordained elder in the United Methodist Church in 1982. Kottke Served at Iliff as director of development (1985-88) and as pastor at Warren UMC (1988-95).

“They are people that owe a great deal of allegiance to Fethullah Gulen. But I do not experience people that marched to his orders. I don’t experience that he has orders. I think what he is inviting people is into faith relationship that has changed their lives and they live out that life. So what I experienced in my thoughts of the movement is very impressive.”

“Over these last few years that I have been involved with the Mosaic here in Denver, I paid attention when information surfaces. And the information that surfaced for me has always been consistent, which is a major thing of importance for me. It feels to me like if somebody is presenting an image that is not real. At some point it becomes inconsistent.”

“Religion does not justify that violence. We do not believe in God who justifies that violence. We do not believe in Allah who justifies that violence. So it is critically important to have an Islamic voice that says education is essential. And I think that’s what the schools of the Gulen Movement have taught.”