Professor Inamul Haq is a professor of Islamic Studies at Elmhurst College and also teaches courses on Islam at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. He is one of the founding members of the International Strategy and Policy Institute. Prof. Haq has served on the Chicago Committee of Human Rights Watch and on the Board of the Cardinal Bernadine Center of Catholic Theological Union. In 2008, Prof. Haq was honored with the Community Builders Chicago’s Community Service Award.

“Hizmet has adopted an approach of values rather than identities and slogans.”
“… it invites people to come to those values rather than to identities, because identities will create conflict; values will create relationships.”

“If you look at the United States and the Muslim world in general, you will see that Muslims have come to interfaith pretty much after 9/11, before 9/11 activities extremely small and limited.

So, it was more of a survival instinct and social response to a tragedy rather than a very well-considered philosophy and policy for the long term.

Hizmet and Fethullah Gulen realized this much earlier, and they realized its value in the context of globalization.”

“To take care of those who are destitute is one of the religious and moral obligations, and I think it is this perspective from which Hizmet is operating in various parts of the world. By doing that, they’re bringing out the humane aspect of Islam…”