Professor Inamul Haq is a professor of Islamic Studies at Elmhurst College and also teaches courses on Islam at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. He is one of the founding members of the International Strategy and Policy Institute. Prof. Haq has served on the Chicago Committee of Human Rights Watch and on the Board of the Cardinal Bernadine Center of Catholic Theological Union. In 2008, Prof. Haq was honored with the Community Builders Chicago’s Community Service Award.

“Prophet (pbuh) says; what you can achieve with peace, gentleness and love, you cannot achieve with war, power and conflict. And that is exactly what he [Fethullah Gulen] is doing and this is exactly what he believes.”

“I think that Gulen represents our classical Islamic tradition in which knowledge and virtue were one and the same. So here Sheikh Gulen will create a proper balance between knowledge and virtue, knowledge and character, knowledge and belief, material progress and spirituality.”

“I think what Hizmet is doing, that instead of creating a rule of clergy, Hizmet is saying, why don’t we come to the principles? What are the principles of governance? What is good governance? What does Qur’an say on that? What does Prophet say on that? What does the humanity say, the humanity which always dealt with the issue of good governance, with the issue of best form of government, with the issue of citizenship and human rights? Why not we create the set of these values and we stick to these values rather than creating power of individuals.”

“… what Hizmet is doing, is lifting overall Turkish society and then, in a broader way, to Muslim and the human society.”