Imam Wahy ud-Deen Shareef currently serves as the imam of Masjid Waarith ud Deen in Irvington, NJ. Graduate of New Jersey Institute of Technology, Imam Shareef is the President of Shareef Professional Services, which is an engineering and manufacturing project and program management company, and is the former director and senior advisor to the Mayor, City of Newark, Department of Economics and Housing Development. Imam Shareef is also the co-founder and executive board member of the Newark Interfaith Coalition for Hope and Peace.

“…the interfaith dialogue that Imam Fethullah Gulen promotes and encourages the Hizmet Movement to establish, I think, is an important aspect of how intellectual growth can be expanded, how spiritual growth for human beings can be enlightened.”

“I think the value of interfaith dialogue enables us to not only look at perhaps some of the problems but to look at the potential that exists for us to work together to solve those problems.”

“I think that the reason why it’s important for us to acknowledge the Hizmet Movement with respect to education is because the first words that were revealed to Muhammad the Prophet was, “Iqra!” “Read!” ”

“There is something in the United States now called STEM, which is used to be, say, it’s used to be an educational focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. I’d like to change that a little bit because I think the Hizmet Movement also focuses on STEM, which may be considered to be Science, Technology, Ethics and Math because there has to be also some focus on ethics.”