Prof. Mohammad Elahee is a professor of International Business and is the Chair of International Business at Quinnipiac University. He previously served as the chair of Academy of International Business-US Northeast Chapter. Prof. Elahee holds an MBA from University of New Brunswick and received his Ph.D. at the University of Texas Pan American. Prof. Elahee has taught at various universities in France, Egypt, Mexico and Bangladesh and has been awarded the Excellence in Teaching Award by Quinnipiac University.

“I think, of all the things that Hizmet Movement is doing, their work toward educating people is perhaps their greatest contribution to the renaissance of Islam.”

“… one good thing about Hizmet Movement is that they are actually focusing not just on literature, art, calligraphy or history, rather they are focusing on science, mathematics, technology… And that is what is making Hizmet schools better than other schools.”

“…I think Hizmet Movement, what they are doing, that is somewhat like an equivalent of Red Cross, the Islamic version of Red Cross or the Islamic version of Doctors Without Borders.”

“There is a saying that, if you do good work you earn true enemies and false friends. And I think that is what happened with Hizmet Movement in Turkey.”

“I think people in Turkey who may have some doubts about the benefits of the Hizmet Movement, they should go and see what Hizmet is doing in some other countries.”