Chouidaou Traore is a journalist, editor and the publishing manager of the daily newspaper “New Horizon” in Mali. He is the founder of the two leading newspapers “Nouvel Horizon” and “Le Soir Bamako” in Mali and holds a BA in political science and a degree of reporter-journalist. Mr. Traore served as the general consul of Mali in Saudi Arabia for seven years and ran for president in Mali, in 2013.

Some quotes from Mr. Traore:

“The most contribution, in my view, is that the movement brings people to exchange in a peaceful way.”

“Hizmet Movement teaches us how to talk together, how to share our view, to talk about issues without using violent ways, without using violent words. I think that’s a very good thing.”

“The young Turkish people who are working in Mali for the Hizmet Movement, it’s very hard for them—but they love to do that— I find them, all the time, smiling with everybody. And that goes directly to my heart. You know, when someone acts kindly, it goes from the heart to another heart. And I really like that. I really really like that.”