Imam Askia Muhammad is the president of New Africa Economic Development Council. Muhammad is a member of American Society of Muslims. He holds masters in political science and public administration. He is an advocate for interfaith dialogue and serves as a prison chaplain.

“Turkey has the distinct honor and privilege of serving the Muslim world. For 638 years Turkey has been leader in Islamic establishment and Islamic development over that long period of time. And there’s a lot that we can learn about how the Turkish people and the Turkish Islamic community present Islam.”

“Fethullah Gulen from his workers seem to internalize this concept that Islam addresses the common needs of all humanity. And so the focus and concentration on education, on Mathematics and on science and on scientific innovation I think strikes the right balance. And this is what I have seen from the movement.”

“What we believe is that in maybe another 20-30 years, we’re gonna see Islam like we never seen Islam before. We’re gonna see Muslims scholars, we’re gonna see Muslim engineers, we’re gonna see Muslim astronauts, we’re gonna see Muslim innovators, we’re gonna see Muslim doctors, emerge in society. We’re gonna see Muslims emerging in sports.”