Imam Askia Muhammad is the president of New Africa Economic Development Council. Muhammad is a member of American Society of Muslims. He holds masters in political science and public administration. He is an advocate for interfaith dialogue and serves as a prison chaplain.

“Fethullah Gulen is a man from what I see completely dedicated to serving Allah and to doing good for the people of Turkey and for many nations and people outside of Turkey.”

“Fethullah Gulen seems to demonstrate the completeness and wholeness of Islam in that he focuses on the establishment of schools, the focus on math and science in the curriculum, the development of the sciences as well as spiritual attainment.”

“The Prophet said that the one way to get to people is live with them, travel with them and work with them. And I have traveled and worked closely with some of the members of the Hizmet Movement. And I see firsthand that they are dedicated servants and they’re true to their work and they do make all sacrifices for the common good of all people. There’s no question about that.”