Kareem Irfan currently lives in Chicago and has served as the chairman of the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago. Most recently, he has served as the first Muslim president of the Council of Religious Leaders of Metropolitan Chicago. For his services in the community, he has received the Distinguished Community Leadership Award from the US Dept. of Justice. Irfan is the CEO of Cranes Software International Ltd. and holds an M.S. in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois and a J.D. from DePaul University.

“When I see what the Hizmet Movement is doing, is focusing on education as a means of social betterment, not only in bringing about changes in the Muslim community but the improvement of society around the schools that are built up; it just strikes a very important core.”

“So, in a way, we are distilling the best aspects of Islam and sharing those with the world and telling them, ‘welcome, come join us, and together we can make this a better world by focusing on the common platform of goodness.’ So that is a wonderful aspect of the Hizmet Movement and the focus on education.”

“After the focus on service and then doing things in the most excellent of manners, all of that being driven by a selfless commitment to giving: charity. It is just wonderfully crystallized in all of the Hizmet Movement’s activities from my exposure.”

“…that sense of selflessness, that sense that you have to give in order to achieve in the Hereafter, and doing it as part of a team which is working together, that is phenomenally distinctive of the Hizmet Movement.”