Kareem Irfan currently lives in Chicago and has served as the chairman of the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago. Most recently, he has served as the first Muslim president of the Council of Religious Leaders of Metropolitan Chicago. For his services in the community, he has received the Distinguished Community Leadership Award from the US Dept. of Justice. Irfan is the CEO of Cranes Software International Ltd. and holds an M.S. in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois and a J.D. from DePaul University.

“The commitment that everybody in the movement has toward the common goal of living and representing Islam in all of its glorious ways, particularly in terms of non-discriminating service to all of humanity, that stands out to me as a key distinguishing factor of this movement.”
“When I look at the Hizmet Movement, I’m struck by that standard of excellence which is adopted by everybody in the movement.”

“It is almost hard to believe that there are no personal agendas at stake because, obviously, we all have our personal concerns, our issues that are human in nature. But within the Hizmet Movement, the inspiring part is all of that seems to be very nicely controlled in favor of what is the common good.”

“That is where the Hizmet Movement, in my mind, stands out compared to any of the other Islamic movements’ group activities that I’ve encountered across the world; this focus on the practical aspects of Islam, that Islam is not just a worship that goes on—that is important of course between oneself and our Lord—but more importantly, the fact that we are in this world and we have to engage with the world outside, and we apply the Islamic principles of excellence and respect and caring and service, the Hizmet, to the practical world.”