Fajri Ansari is currently serving as an imam at Masjid Nu’man in Buffalo, NY. He is also the men’s basketball coach for the Buffalo State College Bengals. In the 2010-11 season, Ansari led his team to a SUNYAC (State University of New York Athletic Conference) Championship. He has worked as the Assistant Director of Admissions and the Director of Educational Opportunity Program Admissions at Buffalo State College. He holds a Master’s in counseling education from SUNY Brockport.

“I realized that it [the Hizmet Movement] was an effort, a movement, that appeared to be vowed with—the name was service—providing service and focusing on education.”

“It’s [the Hizmet Movement] spiritual and practical at the same time. It’s not just reading and studying Islam to get spiritually uplifted, but it’s also I see is a serious effort to educate and to be of practical service.”

“I think what I can observe; the most significant contribution is pulling the resources through education and business and utilizing that marriage to be of service to humanity.”

“I’ll also say that it doesn’t appear to be spending time attacking someone else’s beliefs and their principles or their culture.”

“When somebody says, Muslim: what is their reputation? Oh, he’s compassionate, he’s giving, he’s helpful; that should be more the reputation than this figure that just wants to beat you down and say that we’re the best or the strongest.”