Zaher Sahloul is the president of the Syrian American Medical Society and leader of the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago. He is also an associate clinical professor at University of Illinois at Chicago and Advocate Christ Medical Center. He is the past President of the Mosque Foundation in Chicago area.

“I think the Hizmet Movement represents the core values of Islam. In my interaction with the members of the movement in Chicago, I believe that these brothers and sisters are very sincere.”

“We have to build bridges based on our common values and principles with people of faith and people of other faiths and this is necessity.”

“Interfaith dialogue is the best opening for dialogue. How can you invite people to see the beauty of your faith if you don’t work with them? We cannot preach about Islam by just telling people “Go on, read the Qur’an.” We have to preach about Islam and Qur’an by reflecting the true essence of Qur’an and Islam.”

“I think the movement is reflecting the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad in these two aspects: emphasis on knowledge and also building bridges with the faith communities.”