Omar Kaifo is a businessman in Colorado. He received his B.A. in Math from University of Aleppo, Syria. He taught Math in high schools and colleges in Syria.

“What attracts me and keeps me very close to Hizmet Movement. Because they work under the Turkish flag. They don’t have their own Hizmet flag like the other parties to hang it next to the Turkish flag. That means they are working for their country and for the whole ummah and for the all human being.”

“I agree with dialogue with non-Muslims. Because by doing that we are following the teachings of the Quran when Allah said in the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad (sav) el Nuril Halid.”

“The movement of sheikh Fethullah Gulen following the teaching of the Quran and the sunnah of the prophet SAV and the sahabe (RA) by living a simple life and refusing to have imarah and the leadership for this ummah.”