Rabbi Stephen Booth-Nadav serves as a chaplain at Kavod Senior Life in Denver, Colorado and is also the director of the Wisdom House Denver project. Alumni of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College in Philadelphia, Rabbi Stephen is on the Religious Advisory Council at the University of Denver.

“My impression is that it is one of really only two major Muslim movements that I know of in the world that are very clear and adamant from the beginning that interfaith dialogue is essential for Muslims.”

“… for me, one of the greatest contributions of Mr. Gulen and the Hizmet Movement in the world is that you stand up in the world and you say; this is what it means to be a Muslim.”

“In my experience, the Hizmet Movement represents Islam as both an ancient and a modern religion, a religion that goes into its oldest and deepest teachings and holds those up into the world for how a Muslim acts in the world and what does Islam teach about life and yet it’s very modern.”

“… what I also see, what difference it makes in the world, is that when I’m sitting here in the United States reading and hearing only the worst of humans twisting what Islam is in the world, I have another model.”

“… a Muslim organization doing good works in the world, beyond the Muslim community, is a wonderful antidote and a much needed antidote to the distortions of Islam in the world today.”