Professor of Religious Studies at Elmhurst College, Prof. Paul Parker is holder of the Baltzer Distinguished Chair and the Chairperson of the Department of Religious Studies. His areas of study include Christian Theological Ethics and Interreligious Relationships. He is also doing research on Christian Ecumenism in Palestine and Established Religion in Israel.

“… a good education, I think, builds the human individual and helps build us toward greater democracies. One of the greatest things we can do for our world, as religious persons, is find ways to support democracy and equal rights. I think these schools do a great job at that.”

“Islam is the heart of the Hizmet Movement. It is a grassroots movement; it is focusing on interreligious relationships.”

“…interreligious dialogue doesn’t have to water down our beliefs; it can make our beliefs clearer. I as a Christian benefit from my Muslims friends, brothers and sisters. …”

“…if we can sit across the table from each other as equals, friends, brothers, sisters, we stand to benefit so much. I really do believe that God has put us here for the purpose of coming to know each other better. And I think I’m paraphrasing a Qur’anic text. God has put us here to learn from each other.”