Professor of Religious Studies at Elmhurst College, Prof. Paul Parker is holder of the Baltzer Distinguished Chair and the Chairperson of the Department of Religious Studies. His areas of study include Christian Theological Ethics and Interreligious Relationships. He is also doing research on Christian Ecumenism in Palestine and Established Religion in Israel.

“It is a movement that is not just focusing on service for other individuals than Muslims, but it is a movement that includes other individuals than Muslims. For example, I’m a Christian, but I consider myself part of Hizmet.”

“…people know about Hocaefendi because he doesn’t preach a limited or parochial religion, he doesn’t preach a parochial Islam, he preaches an Islam that is inclusive, that is loving, that embraces the others, that is open to the unknown; he’s willing to learn.”

“One of the things that you’ll read about when you read the sermons of Hocaefendi, is that he’s concerned for the natural environment.”

“Hizmet is pacifist, in the best sense of the word, in that it tries to make peace wherever it can. It has that irenic, peaceful nature about it. This is a real powerful representation of Islam.”

“Another element that I find interesting in Hizmet is this holistic approach for every person; we’re not just spirit, we’re not just body, and we’re not just mind.”