Dean of the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work, Professor Ira Colby is also a licensed clinical social worker in the state of Texas. He has co-authored the widely used textbook, Introduction to Social Work, the Peoples’ Profession and has served as president of the Council on Social Work Education.

Dean Colby’s work has been recognized through many awards including; the Distinguished Alumni Award of the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Social Work, Texas State Senate Resolution for Outstanding Contributions to the state, and the Teaching Excellence Award from the University of Texas-Arlington.

“Mr. Gulen is an incredible individual. I was not aware of him or his work until I met with individuals from the Houston-based interfaith dialogue. From there, I discovered a man who has a vision for the world, in terms of what we can be and what we should be.”

“…, as I became more immersed in his readings, I recognized that he really is a person who is much more than somebody who is a Muslim; he is a person of the world.”

“It’s a movement that knows no borders. Borders are geographical constraints that we, as humans, have put together to separate us. What the Movement has done is, it breaks down those borders and essentially says, we are one nation state of the world.

And, as such, we have responsibilities to work with each other, for each other and on behalf of each other.”