Whitney S. Bodman is a professor of Comparative Religions at Austin Seminary. He holds a Doctorate of Theology in Islamic Studies at Harvard Divinity School, Cambridge. He is the chair of the Texas Conference of Churches Muslim-Christian Forum and serves on the Executive Committee of Interfaith Center for Public Policy.

“This whole education movement that is worldwide that takes a particular gift of education to places like Madagascar, like Nepal, where they otherwise would not have opportunities for such advanced schooling. That was very impressive.”

“Sometimes in interfaith dialogue you have mutual teaching. I teach you about Christianity and you teach me about Islam. That’s not really dialogue. Dialogue goes further into exploring questions for which the answers are not immediately evident. And that has been the spirit of the dialogue here.”

“Hizmet Movement represents a particular combination of elements of Islam. It brings together an attention to Islamic practice to a tradition that guides its followers in a very specific way of life that makes one conscious of every minute of the day that you are operating in a particular way, living in a particular way as a Muslim.”